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Benjamin Franklin
An American Life

reviewed by:
Kevin Quinn


The Bush Jr. and Cheney Record of Failure
by James Arft

Dick Cheney is a successful fund raiser and a terrible leader. He is currently jet setting around the Country raising millions while stating: "We have a record of accomplishment". Too bad his claims are not true. He is effectively hoodwinking the gullable to benefit himself and his special interest collaborators.

For instance, George Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney have expanded a pushy and meddlesome foreign policy which created the Iraq War and other problems. A war based upon the lies of their Administration and Globalist think tanks. An unnecessary war and an anti constitutional war. A war clearly not in the best interest of the people. This war is costing hundreds of billions of dollars which becomes war debt with interest which has to be paid back by the American people. Additionally, hundreds of brave service men and women have died, over 1,200 wounded, and about 4800 have been sent home with mystery illness or emotional disability. These numbers increase daily! Using statistics from the first Gulf War it is likely to assume that thousands of additional Gulf War II vets will die prematurely in the decade after their discharge.

Unfortunately, globalists like Bush Jr. and Cheney want more power, a broader empire, for their use and the use of their special interest collaborators. To advance their cause they inflate the money supply, raise the National Debt and use our sons and daughters as war material. With an American population of a couple hundred million people how many more lives will be lost or harmed help the Globalists control a world of billions of people? How many more billions of dollars will be added to the trillions in national debt. The amount of this debt with interest is a staggering sum. The ability of special interests to so burden the American people is a monumental failure and a travesty.

To make matters worse let's look at the other Bush Jr. and Cheney failures! Their policies are costing Americans jobs. Manufacturing jobs have been shrinking by an average of 83,000 jobs each month Bush Jr. has been if office. Additionally, massive job losses are occurring in the computer-related sector as those jobs are shipped overseas. Comparing these significant losses to the insignificant gains in the temp and retail categories spells trouble for all American workers and our entire society. It spells failure for the Bush Jr. and Cheney free trade policy.

There are many other Bush Jr. and Cheney failure areas. One concerns their border and immigration policies. This country's leadership has military stationed around the globe yet it does not control our own borders! This coupled with lax immigration policy is causing and will increasingly cause a massive population increase. This will negatively impact on our culture, economy, and environment. Today's and tomorrow's children will pay dearly for Bush Jr's and Cheney's negligence.

What is the solution? First, we must recognize the significance of the ideas of faith, freedom and the Constitution. We must also recognize that we have a duty to protect our children, our families, and our Country. We must recognize that we have no such duty to serve the self interest of establishment parties and their politicians. It is especially not our duty to serve any corrupt or negligent public office holder. Then we must look for new reform leaders in another party, such as, the America First Party which understands the correct foreign policy course. A Party with the correct policies to keep industry and jobs here. And a Party with the correct border and immigration polices designed to protect our culture, economy and environment.


James Arft is chairman of the American First Party. For more information about America First Party visit www.americafirstparty.org .

Guest editorials do not reflect the views of Political News Today.com or the Empire Page website. You are encouraged to express your views on a bulletin board. See link below.

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