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America First looking for support

Robert Beckner
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On April 3 at the Freedom Library a new political party’s platform was brought to residents of Marion County. Harry Cavanaugh, a resident of Majestic Oaks, was the speaker for the America First Party, a new political force in America. Founded in April 2002, their first convention was held in Orlando, last August. Those in attendance were all of an age that had lived when America was looked up to and they are now living in an age where the nation is in big trouble, he said.

Rapt attention was paid as the discussion turned to politicians who bend to special interest and tax citizens to buy votes. All attending agreed that U.S. jobs and facilities are being destroyed to feed global corporations and the World Trade organizations. Joe Kalish of Pine Run said, “Americans must change political parties to rebuild America.”

The discussion covered the emergence of a global government (the U.N.), elected by nobody, that seeks to usurp the Constitution and turn American sons and daughters into cannon fodder for the New World Order. However, as explained by Cavanaugh, there is still hope, in the form of the America First Party.

The platform is 23 single-spaced pages, but in a few words it states that the Constitution, as originally written, should be followed. It cannot be a “living Constitution,” able to be changed by liberal judges and politicians to fit their thinking in today’s world, he said.

Oak Run resident Al Lankes agreed with the new party’s platform and that the material and items discussed were all true.

Some of the items in the party’s platform include: Have a military that protects our nation’s borders.

Promote a rational immigration policy.

Have English as the common language.

Avoid entangling alliances with other nations.

Preserve and protect all of the Bill of Rights.

Oppose quota systems.

Restore paper ballots to have clean elections.

Reduce the size and scope of the federal government and return control over all other matters to the states.

Defend the traditional family unit based on one man and one woman.

America First has a varied platform and to learn more, interested persons can go online to www.AmericaFirstParty.Org or telephone 1-866-505-USA-1.

The new party needs members and Cavanaugh urged the audience to join.

Volunteers are needed for a variety of jobs, including being a candidate on every level of government, not just wanting to be president, he said.

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