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America First Party of Massachusetts
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New Bedford, Massachusetts 02746

Thursday, 1 April 2004

Re:  Massachusetts Government Hijacked by Immoral and Lawbreaking Legislators

New Bedford, MA -  The America First Party of Massachusetts decries the immoral decision of Beacon Hill lawmakers to begin the process of amending the state constitution with language that would give homosexual partners the same privileges that heterosexual married couples are granted by state law.  We also deplore the illegal actions of the legislature that have permitted the current situation to develop, and call on citizens to organize to elect new legisators who respect their oaths of office.

According to the text of the proposed amendment, this vote gave affirmative support to the idea of establishing "civil unions to provide same-sex persons with entirely the same benefits, protections, rights, privileges and obligations as are afforded to married persons".  Enshrining this position in the Constitution would be gravely immoral because it would grant privileges to individuals on the basis of a disordered sexual orientation, thereby implicitly granting official state sanction for unnatural sexual orientations.

The America First Party recognizes that one can support imperfect legislation in some cases, but that affirmative support for immorality is never acceptable, and should be avoided regardless of the consequences.

It should be noted that the legislature's current proposed amendment would possibly not have seen the light of day if the 2002 Joint Session had not illegally killed the Protection of Marriage Amendment, an amendment introduced into the legislature by petition-initiative, and which precluded all homosexual civil unions.  On that occasion, the signatures of over 100,000 citizens, as well as the arduous signature collection efforts and expenditure of over $1.6 million by Massachusetts Citizens for Marriage, were completely nullified as a result of the illegal action of the state legislature, which violated the requirement to give consideration to the amendment "by vote of either house", as unambiguously specified in article LXXXI, section 2 of the amendments to the state Constitution.  This amendment required only 25% support of two consecutive Joint-Sessions, and so there is a significant possibility that the voters would have been voting on this strict amendment this November if the law had been followed.  Instead, they have now been illegally denied this option to prevent homosexual civil unions or marriage in Massachusetts.

It is critical that the citizens of the Commonwealth see that their government has been hijacked by lawbreakers.  We hope that they will join with the America First Party in order to cultivate candidates for public office who respect their oaths of office, traditional moral values, and who are unafraid to acknowledge their Creator and His Natural Laws, as the State Constitution explicitly and implicitly requires in part one, article II.  We should have no illusions.  Unless decent citizens are up to this task, and the task of building the necessary networks and support structures for worthy candidates, the people will not be guaranteed security in their rights, property, or freedom.

Jonathan Hill, State Chairman, (508) 997-3606


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