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Wednesday, April 24 2003

Re:  President of American Catholic Alliance to speak to the America First Party

This coming Saturday, April 26th, former U.S. Ambassador and Mayor of Boston Ray Flynn, who is also National President of American Catholic Alliance, will speak at the America First Party luncheon at the Four Point's Sheraton - Route 1, Norwood, Massachusetts. 

Ambassador Flynn is a widely known and respected populist voice of working people.  He is not controlled or influenced by any powerful special interest group or political party.  Although a life-long registered Democrat, Flynn actively campaigned for Republican candidate George W. Bush in 2000 and proudly said at the time, "it was more important for me to be a good American and a good Catholic than a good Democrat".  This comment brought calls of rejection and outrage by some Democratic activists and party officials. 

But this was not the only time that Flynn broke ranks with politicians over principle.  He was reprimanded by the U.S. State Department, and senior White House staff recommended that he should be fired for publicly disagreeing with President Bill Clinton, when he urged him to not veto the partial-birth abortion bill.  Flynn speaks from the heart, and is his own man.  His integrity and candor is his personal strength, but often it can be his political liability.  Nevertheless, Flynn was the highest vote-getter in the history of Boston politics.

The America First Party is actively reaching out to Americans who are disappointed with both major parties.  Whether it be because of the left-wing, feminist, and anti-family direction that the Democratic Party has taken, or the lack of concern of the Republican Party for average working families, both parties are increasingly out-of-touch with the values and needs of ordinary Americans.  Both are jeopardizing our standard of living through unfair trade policies and through the influence of powerful special interests.  The America First Party is tired of the betrayal of both Republican and Democratic Parties.

Do you want a political party to exist in this state which represents your pro-family values?  Are you fed up with the agenda's of the Republican and Democratic Parties?  Do you believe America should protect its borders?  Its national sovereignty?  Strengthen the American family?  End the attack on the U.S. Constitution?  Then please make your best effort to join your fellow Americans this Saturday morning, at 10:30 am.  For information call 508-997-3606.


Jonathan Hill, State Chairman, 508-997-3606



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