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America First Party of Massachusetts
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Thursday, 6 November 2003

Re:  Recent Organizational Activity of the America First Party

New Bedford, MA - The America First Party of Massachusetts, which was recently recognized as an official political designation in Massachusetts, had its first State Convention on Saturday, October 18th, and sent a delegation to Chicago last weekend to participate in a National Committee meeting.  The results of both events are encouraging, and give us confidence that our organization's leadership is dedicated to the founding principles of our nation, and committed to developing a national movement to defend them.

The purpose of the America First Party is to build a grass-roots organization that will put Americans first, before all special interests such as corporate, labor, environmental, or foreign interests.  This does not mean that we are necessarily opposed to the needs of these interest groups, but only that we are against allowing these interests to dominate the policymaking of government at any level, when this is at odds with the public interest.  We stand firmly for the United States Constitution, as well as for morality and ethics in government, and intend to support candidates who obey the Constitution and do what is right.

The delegates to the recent National Committee meeting revised elements of the party's National Constitution, elected officers, and passed a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Bush for initiating a war without constitutional authority.  Afterwards, Dr. Thomas Fleming, President of the Rockford Institute, and editor of Chronicles Magazine, generously addressed delegates and invited guests at the evening banquet.

The State Convention/Meeting, held on October 18th in Wakefield, was also a success.  The event featured a remembrance of our troops, a number of speakers, and then elections of officers, District Chairmen, and National Committee members.

Chairman Hill spoke for about 40 minutes about the advanced decay of American government at all levels, and encouraged listeners to recognize that their security and property may be eventually jeopardized if they neglect to organize a meaningful political response. He also spoke about some specific needs and practical goals of the organization, with special emphasis of the need to recruit new members and active workers. He referred to the 'Spirit of 1776' as an attitude of personal responsibility, heroic self-sacrifice, and resistance to tyranny which still needs to be present in a sufficient number of Americans today for constitutional principles to prevail.

It appears that attendees left the Wakefield event with a favorable impression. Many expressed interest in supporting the party in practical ways.

Jonathan Hill, State Chairman, (508) 997-3606


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