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America First Party of Massachusetts
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Thursday, 20 November 2003

Re:  Supreme Judicial Court's Decision Violates Natural Law and is not Lawful

New Bedford, MA - The America First Party of Massachusetts expresses great disappointment at the recent decision of the Supreme Judicial Court to declare homosexual unions legitimate, but hopes that this sad occasion will prompt a deeper reflection on fundamental values which are essential to good government. With this end in mind, we hope that the following thoughts will be of some assistance. 

This SJC decision is opposed to natural law, and is gravely injurious to the good of society.  It demeans the value of conjugal relations between married men and women, by indicating that intrinsically disordered and sterile sexual relationships between people of the same sex are of equal dignity to those between married men and women which are open to life.  The generation and proper nurturing of new human life are effects without which a society can not survive, and therefore, marriage in the traditional sense should be highly valued, and should never be placed on an equal footing with homosexual relationships.

This decision highlights the grave jeopardy that societies place themselves in, when they fail to recognize that creation is the result of the action of a Creator, and that the way that He has arranged His creation implies something about His will - the two foundations of the concept of "natural law".  The admirable founders of our nation indicated their belief in both of these concepts in the Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration referred to the "Laws of Nature and of Nature's God", which implied the belief that nature is systematically ordered, and that it is ordered in accordance to the will of God.  The signers also indicated beyond a doubt that they believed that God is the highest authority by making the statement that people "are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights".  That is, no worldly authority has the right to contradict the will of the Creator, by separating people from rights that He has given them.

Again, when we refer to the natural law, we are referring to the principle that the will of the Creator is implied in the nature of the things that He created. This natural law, which the SJC clearly violated in this decision, is essentially God's law. It is obvious from the nature of the human body, that sodomy is contrary to its nature, and therefore the SJC decision is unlawful, because it is directly opposed to the will of the Creator, who is the supreme legal authority. Therefore, all citizens have a duty to resist this illegal court decision!

Accordingly, the America First Party of Massachusetts has adopted a public policy decision to endorse the proposed marriage amendment of Massachusetts Citizens for Marriage. This amendment not only defines marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman, but also preempts any possible legislative effort that would indirectly compromise the institution of marriage by preventing homosexual partners from receiving "the benefits or incidents exclusive to marriage".  We wholeheartedly endorse this measure, and commend the activists of Massachusetts Citizens for Marriage for their outstanding efforts.

Jonathan Hill, State Chairman, (508) 997-3606


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