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New Political Party On The Horizon

Former Congressman, James Traficant, May Get Re-Elected From Prison Cell

By Staff

             Most Americans haven’t even heard of The America First Party yet but there is a chance that they may in future elections. Formed by no accident on April 15th 2002, the date when Americans are forced to file income tax returns, the still obscure political party is attempting to carve out a niche in the political world.

            Basing its ideological foundation on five major themes from protecting U.S. national borders and national independence, promoting economic growth and the economic independence of the individual, family values, equality before the law, as well as cleaning out corruption, the party hopes to create a political niche. Interim National Chairman, Dan Charles of Colorado, said, “There are tens of millions of Americans that believe in the party principles. We want to liberate these people by uniting them for a common cause under a common banner”.

            Apparently, already pursuing that mission, to its credit the America First Party has managed to form 25 state party organizations and presently has 13 state organizing committees in less than a year. Fielding only a handful of candidates in this election cycle, Charles said that if not in this election, he’d definitely expect to get candidates elected to congress by 2004.

            The most prominent of these candidates is former Democratic congressman James Traficant of Ohio. Traficant was thrown out of congress and thrown in jail for alleged corruption in a case that some claim he was framed because of his opposition to the IRS and institutions of world government. According to Charles, the last published poll was in August and showed Traficant leading his Republican and Democratic opponents with 52% of the vote. Charles said, “Since the Republican and Democrat are still running advertisements attacking Traficant, it would indicate a strong possibility that Traficant is still in the lead. I believe Traficant will win his congressional seat back from a prison cell.” Posting Traficant’s picture on its web site, the America First Party is taking a position that congress hadn’t as not one member of congress voted in Traficant’s defense. .              The party hasn’t placed its future in what would essentially be the greatest political comeback in history. “Our approach is a methodical one. Most state legislatures, and also congress, have a handful of seats that are vulnerable”. Charles also said, “Our goal over the next few years is to become the balance of power in both congress and all fifty state legislatures, to create a wedge that will eventually crack the monopoly that the other two parties have over the political system”.

            Of its current candidates two of the most promising are Ed Moses of Iowa, running for county commissioner, and James Edwards of Tennessee, a candidate for the state legislature. Moses, a long time political activist made news recently when pictured in a protest outside the governors debate in Iowa in a USA Daily article entitled Border War Hits Heartland, where activist prompted by Project USA, an immigration reform group, protested Iowa‘s governor because he previously promoted Iowa’s exemption from federal limits on immigration.

             Gaining members is a primary concern for the party. New members are attracted through it’s web site or by calling a toll free number. 1-866-SOS-USA1. Charles said that the organization is still small but had thousands of members and was growing steadily by the day. He also pointed out that technically people aren’t members of national political parties, they are actually members of state parties that are affiliated with a national party.

            The Party’s chairman was distressed by the recent Haitian invasion in Miami. “Growing up in Miami, we did see that kind of stuff before, but it is encouraging that it did make national news.” He did point out that there has been little media attention to the obvious terrorist threat that was presented in Miami and said that it was another example of porous borders. Charles said, “It is a sad commentary on assimilation when the governor of Florida is making campaign speeches in Spanish. It shows that the country is Balkanizing. And breaking up” He went on to say that American politicians have become afraid to protect the interest of citizens because of fear from immigrant populations.    




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