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Minutes of the America First National Committee

Thursday, December 19, 2002

BE IT REMEMBERED that the America First National Committee conducted a vote by mail beginning December 5, 2002.

Pursuant to Article III Section 14 of the Party Constitution, and upon the Resolution adopted by unanimous vote of the Operating Committee, the following Resolution was submitted to the members of the National Committee for a vote by mail ballot:

Resolution to Set the Date of the 2003 National Convention

Resolved, that the National Committee hereby sets the date for the America First Party's 2003 National Convention to be:

July 17 - 20, 2003 _____
(Vote for one choice only)
July 24 - 27, 2003 _____

The ballots were delivered by electronic mail to each member of the National Committee for whom an address was available. In addition, ballots were mailed by United States Mail to Larry Carroll, George Radzwillas, George Bashure, Gerald Duncan, Gordon Ipock, James Bunosky, Ward Chorpenning, Melvin Johnson, Samuel Cross, and David Thomas.

The National Secretary collected the votes by return mail and facsimile. The deadline for receiving the final vote was December 19, 2002. The votes were tabulated as follows:
CO Charles, Mr. Daniel Jay
4th GA Lovell, Mr. O. Gene
4th MS Hey, Mr. John Pittman
4th IL McHugh, Mrs. Maureen O.
AR Verser, Mr. John
AR Bonds, Mr. Jess N. II
3rd CA Spooner, Mr. John R. Sr.
CA Teal, Mr. Ron
CA Horowitz, Mr. Richard
CO Carroll, Mr. Donald Lawrence
CO Dietze, Mr. Marcel
3rd CO Weatherford, Ms. Wanda
4th CT Leka, Mrs. Helen A.
CT Radzwillas, Mr. George C.
CT Atchley, Mr. Floyd
FL Bashure, Mr. George S.
3rd FL McClellan, Mr. Martin S.
FL Ahuja, Mr. Gaurav
4th GA Lovell, Mrs. Diane S.
GA Anderson, Mr. Phillip G.
IA Monagan, Mr. James E.
4th IA Moses, Mr. Edward
3rd IA Doyle, Mr. David W.
IL Lynch, Mrs. Guadalupe
4th MA White, Mr. L. Thomas
4th MA Hill, Mr. Jonathan
4th MD Clark, Mr. John B.
4th MD Clark, Virginia T.
4th MI O'Brian, Michael J. F. Sr.
MI Duncan, Mr. Gerald
4th MI White, Philip L.
4th MN Daley, Mr. Leo
3rd MN Law, Mr. Ryan
MN Muskopf, Mr. Clinton
4th MO Blankenship, Mrs. Nancy
4th MS Golmon, Mr. Ernest E. "Trey" III
NC Ipock, Mr. Gordon
NC Kent, Mr. Norman
NC Pate, Mr. G. Cleve
4th NH Winters, Mrs. Romelle F.
4th NH Winters, Mr. Francis
NH Maravelias, Mr. Ted
NY Grella, Mr. Gary R.
4th NY Arft, Mr. James E.
NY Flannery, Mrs. Maureen
OH Bunosky, Mr. James
OH Francis, Mr. John
OH Chorpenning, H. Ward Jr.
OR Johnson, Mr. Melvin
OR Wilson, Mrs. Karen Faye
OR Wilson, Mr. Patrick
3rd PA Cross, Dr. Samuel Jr.
3rd PA Thomas, Mr. David
3rd PA Stryker, Mr. George R.
4th TN Edwards, Mr. James
4th TN Baldwin, Mr. Warren
4th TN Jones, Mr. James D.
TX Buffington, Mr. Blake Alan
TX Pangborn, Mr. George
TX Anderson, Mr. James Wesley
VA Wenzel, Mr. Chris
VA Besanko, Mr. Rick
VA Muller, Mrs. Linda
4th WI Owens, Mrs. Patricia
WI Hackl, Mr. Frank
WI Trindl, Mr. Scott

Thirty ballots were cast and received by the deadline, with eight member casting ballots for the 3rd weekend, twenty-two members casting ballots for the 4th weekend, and thirty-six members abstaining. Pursuant to the Party Constitution, the Chairman cast no vote.

Therefore, the Resolution setting the 2003 National Convention for the 4th weekend, July 24 - 27, 2003 is adopted by majority vote of those present and voting.

Respectfully submitted,
John Pittman Hey
National Secretary
America First National Committee

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John Pittman Hey, National Treasurer
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