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Current News Releases

Date   Title
April 16, 2018   Syria Attack at Odds with an America First Foreign Policy
October 2, 2014   We Remember Congressman James Traficant, Patriot and Heroic American
September 9, 2013   Looming Risk of Regional War Reflects Reckless and Poor Leadership
June 29, 2012   Supreme Court Decision: We Warned Against Roberts in 2005
March 22, 2011   Obama Has No Constitutional Mandate to Protect Libyan Civilians
November 26, 2010   TSA Molests Americans - Shut It Down!
August 16, 2010   AFP Denounces Government Assassinations Without Trials
April 27, 2010   Tea Party Platform: A Good First Step Forward
January 23, 2010   Decades After Roe vs. Wade, Pro-Lifers Still Don't Get It
January 16, 2010   Private Sector Should Lead Haiti Relief Effort
October 20, 2009   Stop the Central Planners: Health Care Proposals Will Increase Costs, Undermine Care
October 6, 2009   Rallies, Increasing Activism Good, but Not Enough
August 10, 2009   Signals of Depression: U.S. Nears Financial Brink, Personal Finances in Tatters
July 7, 2009   31,478 U.S. Scientists Say Cap-and-Trade Bill Unnecessary
June 27, 2009   Federal Seizure of U.S. Healthcare System Planned
April 30, 2009   Swine Flu is a Wake-Up Call For Open Borders Crowd
April 6, 2009   Debunking Free-Trade Propaganda: Smoot-Hawley Not to Blame for Great Depression
February 19, 2009   Obama's Perjury, Grand Larceny Exposed
February 13, 2009   More Dollar Busting, Toxic Stimulus Policies
January 29, 2009   Obama Abortion Policy: Fresh Blood On Our Hands!
January 21, 2009   Stop U.S. Aid to Israel and Egypt!
December 31, 2008   Holiday Spirit Necessary for National Survival
October 13, 2008   The Best Presidential Candidates -- Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin
September 23, 2008   The Present Danger: Will We Become a Bailout Nation?
September 16, 2008   NATO Membership for Georgia, Ukraine a Very Bad and Dangerous Idea
August 12, 2008   Solzhenitsyn was Right: Imperial Arrogance, Cowardice, Socialism, and Godlessness Endanger Us
July 31, 2008   Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Is More Debt the Solution?
July 14, 2008   U.S. Should Respect Iranian Independence and Avoid Hypocrisy
July 4, 2008   2nd Amendment Decision Defends Basic Rights and the Constitution
June 12, 2008   Soldier's Objection to Iraq Deployment Shows Honor and Grit
May 27, 2008   California "Gay Marriage" Decision Usurps Legislature, Reflects Voter Apathy
April 8, 2008   Gen. Odem Blasts War Policy in Senate Hearing: Rapid Withdrawal Needed, Cheney Aligned with al Qaeda
March 28, 2008   Homeschooling Is A Basic Right!
March 5, 2008   Tariffs Urgently Needed to Protect U.S. Workers, Marketplace, and Industries
February 7, 2008   Super Tuesday Results Presage a Nation Heading for Disaster
January 22, 2008   35 Years of Pro-Life Marches Showcase that GOP is Anti-Life
January 21, 2008   Market Poised for Meltdown On Heels of Pathetic Stimulus Plan
December 18, 2007   Congress Passes Another Bad Trade Deal
December 14, 2007   Waterboarding -- Is it Torture?
December 5, 2007   Dollar Collapsing, Inflation Spiking - Founding Fathers' Ideals Could Have Prevented This
November 12, 2007   Robertson's Nod to Giuliani Reveals Poverty of "Christian Conservative" Leadership
October 8, 2007   Why the Deafening Silence Regarding Iraqi Civilian Casualties?
September 17, 2007   Record-Shattering Oil Prices Related to Weak National Energy Policy
August 28, 2007   Low Prospects of Stability Make Troop Pullout and Easing of Tensions with Iran More Urgent
August 9, 2007   SEC Decision Risks Dangerous Stock Market Instability, Savings of Millions of Americans
August 2, 2007   Recent Executive Order Violates 5th Amendment "Due Process" Rights
July 3, 2007   Defend American Independence - Oppose the SPP
June 27, 2007   Presidential Signing Statements Often Show Hypocrisy and Warrant Impeachment
June 7, 2007   Holiday's Over, Senate Sellout Continues, Time to Act!
May 22, 2007   Stop Amnesty -- Stop the Senate Immigration Bill!
May 1, 2007   Dump the Hate Crimes Bill -- No Special Privileges for Transvestites!
April 25, 2007   Partial Birth Abortion Act Showcases Republican Impotence and Indifference
April 16, 2007   Tax Shortfall: Entire Planet's Income Needed to Pay Federal Debt!
March 20, 2007   Court Affirms: Right to Bear Arms Predates U.S. Constitution
February 20, 2007   Congress: Prevent War with Iran, Rescind the War Powers Act
February 15, 2007   Record Trade Gap Presages Future Poverty and the Annihilation of the Middle Class
January 22, 2007   Abortion Leads to Nuclear War
January 17, 2007   Wacky Agreement Would Allow Social Security for Illegals
January 2, 2007   FDA Cloning Proposal Risks Public Health, Biologic Integrity of Species
December 19, 2006   Habeas Corpus Impedes Despotism; Military Commissions Act Advances It
November 20, 2006   Bush Re-nominates Constitution Opponent to the Federal Bench
November 8, 2006   GOP Gets Spanked, But Will Principled Voters Learn?
September 11, 2006   Five Years after 9-11, Congress is More Serious About Horse Security than National Security
August 24, 2006   Support for Plan B is Extremely Reckless and Dangerous
August 7, 2006   End U.S. Favoritism in the Arab-Israeli Conflict
July 31, 2006   Defend Property Rights, Stop Abusive Property Seizures!
July 14, 2006   Border Security Subordinated to Political Grandstanding
July 4, 2006   Time to Pledge Allegiance, Stop "North American Community"
July 3, 2006   Forced Vaccinations for STDs Advance the Totalitarian State
June 29, 2006   Market Manipulators Benefit from Nation's Failed Energy Policy
June 7, 2006   Senate Fails to Defend Traditional Marriage
June 5, 2006   National Convention a Success
April 18, 2006   Reform Tax Policy Now
April 18, 2006   AFP Endorses Right to Life Act
March 28, 2006   No Amnesty, Secure the Borders
February 16, 2006   Flawed Trade Policy Bankrupting America
February 2, 2006   Real Solutions to the Bribery Problem
January 27, 2006   Abortion Mills' Alito Fears Unfounded
September 28, 2005   Bush, Roberts Sacrifice Vets, Constitution to Imperial Presidency
August 31, 2005   Help Hurricane Katrina's Victims
July 21, 2005   Property Rights: Bush Breaks Promise to Nominate a Thomas or Scalia
July 13, 2005   Kill CAFTA
July 6, 2005   Tell Bush to Nominate on Principle
June 28, 2005   GOP Judges Embrace Socialism, Fascism -- Steal Homes
June 8, 2005   Support the Constitution, Reject Pryor
April 15, 2005   American People Take a Taxing
April 15, 2005   Party Growth Empowers People to Take America Back
April 1, 2005   Bush Betrays Border Security, People Must Stand Guard
March 23, 2005   Bush Appointees Help Murder Terri Schiavo; GOP Cannot Be Trusted on Life
March 17, 2005   Congress, FL Legislature Must Stop Schiavo Murder
March 4, 2005   Put America First: Uncap Domestic Oil
February 2, 2005   Bush Immigration Plan Sells US Out
February 2, 2005   Support the Troops and Bring Them Home
February 2, 2005   GOP Spending Orgy: Immoral Breach of Trust
January 24, 2005   AFP to GOP: You're Not Pro-Life
December 23, 2004   Bush Betrays Life, Betrays Constitution ... Again
November 12, 2004   Bush Betrayals Begin, Get Used To It
November 10, 2004   Party Celebrates FL Victory, MA Effort
October 13, 2004   Party Endorses Presidential Candidate
September 30, 2004   Debate Lacked Key Elements
August 4, 2004   GOP Ignores Immigration -- AFP Grows
July 13, 2004   Pure Politics Play Devalues Marriage
June 23, 2004   Count Every Vote ... By Hand
June 5, 2004   We Mourn with America
June 2, 2004   Abortion Rights Theology a Threat to Life
June 2, 2004   Sink the Law of the Seas Treaty
May 24, 2004   President Bush Still Doesn't Get It
May 17, 2004   Cowardice and Moral Confusion in Massachusetts
April 15, 2004   Squandered Opportunity is Taxing
April 2, 2004   Party Celebrates First Elected Official
March 3, 2004   Common Sense Saves 2nd Amendment
March 3, 2004   Message, Activism Fuel Rapid Party Growth
January 12, 2004   Bush Immigration Plan Comforts Alien Invaders, Destroys American Jobs
December 12, 2003   Bush Policy on China Rejects Thomas Jefferson, Insults Basic American Values
November 21, 2003   Massachusetts Court Takes Liberalism to a New Low
November 14, 2003   Moore's Removal Obscene, Pryor's Nomination Repugnant
November 4, 2003   Party Calls for Bush Impeachment
October 29, 2003   AFNC Moves Forward, Works Together for America's Children
August 21, 2003   Defy Tyrannical Judicial Decrees -- Keep the Ten Commandments!
July 22, 2003   National Convention Reset for Late Fall
July 22, 2003   Put America First in Defense Procurements, Mr. President!
June 3, 2003   Save American Jobs: Terminate H1-B and L-1 Visas
May 16, 2003   Party Joins Gun Rights Coalition
April 21, 2003   2003 Convention Set for Nashville, July 25-26
April 2, 2003   We Stand with the Troops, Bush Misuses Them
February 28, 2003   Party Applauds Supreme Court Decision, Urges Vigilance
January 29, 2003   Economic Prescriptions: Band-aids, Not Cures
January 29, 2003   UN-Justified War
January 22, 2003   Party Calls for a Culture of Life
January 7, 2003   Convention Date Set -- Party Growth Continues
December 4, 2002   Bush, Estrada & N.O.W.: Allies Against Life & Speech
November 25, 2002   Homeland Security Bill: Bad Name, Bad Bill
November 11, 2002   AFP to Join Freedom Drive, Urges Participation
November 4, 2002   Hypocrisy Reigns as Life Devalued
October 25, 2002   Mr. President: Blood of Innocents is on Your Hands
October 3, 2002   End Slavery, Pass the FAIR TAX
September 11, 2002   Defend our Borders, Don't Destroy our Freedom
August 27, 2002   Play by the Rules, No War Without Declaration
August 23, 2002   English SÍ, Executive Orders NO
August 19, 2002   Founding Convention Unifies Behind Platform
August 14, 2002   AFNC Opens Founding Convention with Unity
July 24, 2002   People's House Betrays the People
July 16, 2002   Rep. Traficant Set to Speak At Founding National Convention As Party Growth Continues
June 27, 2002   Stop the Insanity: Impeach the Judges Now
June 20, 2002   Trade Deficit: Globalists Win-American Working Families Lose
June 19, 2002   Return the Sunshine: Congressional Secrecy Sinful
June 4, 2002   National Convention Set as Party Grows
May 29, 2002   NYC's Hypocrite Oath: Doctors to Learn to Kill
May 22, 2002   Bush to Flying Public: Drop Dead
May 15, 2002   Kill the Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill
May 10, 2002   Uncap Domestic Oil and End Foreign Dependence
April 26, 2002   New Party Formed: Mission & Principles Adopted
April 15, 2002   Mass Exodus from Reform Party Begins
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