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======== For Immediate Release ========

Monday, April 15, 2002

Mass Exodus from Reform Party Begins

Patriots plan new "America First Party"

Boulder, CO — Today, 9 State Party Organizations of the Reform Party of the United States of America announced their decision to leave that national party. Additionally, nearly 30 national committee members resigned from the Reform Party National Committee and six of the 11 members of the Reform Party National Executive Committee also resigned.

"My state chose to take this step to protect itself and its candidates from a dictatorial National Chairman who seems bent on destroying the Reform Party," said Dan Charles, now former Reform Party National Treasurer and still Chairman of the Colorado Freedom Party. He continued, "Once Gerry Moan suspended the National Committee rather than bow to the will of 72% of its members, we knew it was time to take drastic action."

Disaffiliating while keeping their state parties intact were the states of Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Illinois, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Iowa. The Reform Party of Texas has dissolved itself and will be reorganizing under a new name. In California, the state party leadership resigned after Mr. Moan continued their suspension of participation on the National Committee in violation of the RPUSA Constitution and the will of the Reform Party's National Committee.

Reform Party of Iowa Chair David Doyle said, "The wheels have fallen off the Reform Party, but Americans still need an alternative dedicated to American values, something they are not getting from the two-party duopoly. Our candidates are excited by this move. The focus will be on our candidates and our message—instead of the dysfunctional shenanigans that have dominated the Reform Party for years."

"We expect other states will join us in the coming weeks and months. We are taking our principles with us and we invite all Americans who agree to join with us," said now former Reform Party National Secretary John Pittman Hey of Mississippi. He continued, "This is about building a viable political home for those who want to do what is right for America and all Americans. We will be meeting in the next few days to form a new national party to rally around—the America First Party."

Dan Charles Colorado Chair & former RPUSA Treasurer (303) 449-0258
John Pittman Hey   Mississippi Treasurer & former RPUSA Secretary   (662) 453-8412
David Doyle Reform Party of Iowa Chair (319) 294-1883
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