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Tuesday, 4 June 2002

National Convention Set as Party Grows

Boulder, CO — At its June 1, 2002 National Committee meeting, the newly formed America First Party reviewed its astounding success during the first 45 days of its existence and set the stage for its continued growth.

The National Committee voted overwhelmingly to hold its founding convention at the Renaissance Orlando-Airport Hotel August 8-11 in Orlando, FL. On hearing the news, Renaissance Area Manager Curtis Dean said, "We are honored to have the opportunity to host the first America First Party National Convention. Our associates enthusiastically extend their hospitality." Roger Simmermaker, chairman of the recently disaffiliated Reform Party of Florida, agreed, adding, "We look forward to hosting the convention and note that the America First Party is staying true to its principles in selecting an American owned hotel."

State party growth continued as the national party headquarters was flooded with requests for additional information. At the June 1 meeting, a new affiliate was recognized in Texas. In joining the America First Party, the chairman of the America First Party of Texas, George Pangborn, said, "The time has come to take the government away from the corrupt forces and restore it to its founding principles. The other Parties will never get it done."

Texas was one of the initial nine states to leave the Reform Party on April 15, 2002. Since then an additional three states have disaffiliated from the Reform Party-Florida, Michigan, and Ohio, and the Reform Parties of Alaska and Wyoming have dissolved. "We expect a good number of additional states to come on line before the National Convention," Mr. Charles added.

While much of the initial growth has come from the disintegration of the Reform Party, the next phase will focus on building new State Parties and candidate recruitment. Organizing committees are forming in more than a dozen states, including Minnesota, New Jersey, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Maryland. In keeping with this goal, elected to co-Chair the Party Building Committee was J. D. Jones and Gene Lovell. Tennessee State House candidate James Edwards was elected to chair the Candidates Committee. Ballot drives have begun in many of the states the party does not yet have ballot access.

Mr. Charles added, "The response we have received over the past few weeks for our party has exceeded all expectations. The number of Americans committed to our principles, which emphasize protecting our sovereignty and borders, restoring our economic independence, revitalizing our Constitution, cleaning up our corrupted political system, and promoting traditional values while putting America and all Americans First, have overwhelmed our volunteers. Now that we are catching up, we are pleased to announce that we are making it even easier for folks to contact us, with the opening of our new toll-free number 1-866-SOS-USA1. Our website has also provided many leads from the 75,000 hits it has received in the past 5 weeks. We are proud that the Friends of Liberty named the site design and content an Editor's Choice. We are also proud that the Federal Election Commission has seen fit to recognize us just 2 weeks after our formation."

Dan Charles   Interim Chair/Treasurer    1-866-SOS-USA1, ext 4
Romelle Winters   Press Secretary   1-866-SOS-USA1, ext 2
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