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America First Party
1630 A 30th Street #111
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Wednesday, 24 July 2002


Boulder, CO - The newly formed America First Party, America's fastest growing political party, this evening looks upon Congress with sadness and dismay as the members of the House of Representatives voted to strip Ohio's 17th Congressional District of representation, by expelling James A Traficant, Jr.

Interim National Party Chair Dan Charles said, "Unlike previous expulsions, the House acted without any direct evidence of guilt, as Mr. Traficant continued to proclaim his innocence. They ignored the claims made by several jury members that Mr. Traficant would not have been convicted had they been permitted by the judge to see the evidence he was allowed to present to the Ethics Committee. It is a travesty that Congress would act solely on the basis of such a flawed record."

Interim National Party Secretary John Pittman Hey said, "With this vote, the House places its stamp of approval on witness tampering, bribery, and extortion of perjured testimony by the Government. They ratified a show trial run by a dishonest judge. They said it is okay to silence witnesses, pollute jury pools, and strip the accused of his sacred right to present a complete defense to the charges against him. James Traficant is a symbol of hope, because he tells it like it is. He stands up for the American people against the establishment, he cannot be cowed, and he never backs down. And for all that tonight he was crucified."

Mr. Charles added, "When James Traficant declared that he loved his country but hated the government, he spoke for millions of his fellow countrymen. All across America, honest, hard-working citizens are intimidated by our Government, abused by the IRS, roughed up by federal airport security, treated with contempt by bureaucrats, oppressed by the regulators, and sold down the river by politicians bought and paid for by special interests and foreign money."

Mr. Charles continued, "Tonight, the House of Representatives has placed this nation on notice, that it's Democrat and Republican members are true enemies of justice and freedom. We deplore the actions of the House this evening, for they reek of shame and cowardice."

"Now, more than ever, America needs a clean sweep in government if our liberty is to be restored and our nation's ideals upheld. The America First Party is committed to making the sacrifices and doing the hard work necessary to drive the last corrupt politician from the halls of Congress and restore to it honor and integrity once more," said Mr. Charles.

Mr. Charles concluded, "We look forward to Mr. Traficant's address at our Founding Convention in Orlando next month. He has stood by America and the American worker, and we will stand by him. Thankfully, come November, Ohio's citizens will have the opportunity to undo this travesty."

Dan Charles, Interim Chair/Treasurer, 1-866-SOS-USA1, ext. 4
Romelle Winters, Press Secretary, 1-866-SOS-USA1, ext. 2


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