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America First Party
1630 A 30th Street #111
Boulder, Colorado 80301

Wednesday, 14 August 2002


Boulder, CO -The America First Party opened its founding convention on August 8 in Orlando, Florida. The America First National Committee ("AFNC") held its first in-person meeting and began business by affiliating the America First Party of Massachusetts, the 19th state party to join the America First Party since its founding on April 15, 2002. It is expected that all 50 states will be represented at next year's convention.

Upon completion of the credentialing process, the National Committee members turned their attention to the report of the Rules Committee. Before recessing for lunch, and after several amendments, the body unanimously adopted a party constitution, replacing the provisional rules that had guided the party for the first 3 months of its existence.

Under the structure of the new constitution, almost all authority in the party is vested in the AFNC, with the annual convention having the power to nominate candidates for president and vice-president and adopt a platform. An "Operating Committee", consisting of the 4 officers and 7 standing committee chairs, is charged with implementing the policies and achieving the goals set by the AFNC. Under the new constitution, each Affiliated State Party is represented by three national committee members, who are chosen democratically by their respective state parties.

The newly elected chairman, Dan Charles, stated: "I see only good things to come in the next years as we work together to take back our country one voter, one county, one state at a time. We are the vanguard of a movement to unify conservatives, constitutionalists, populists, and all those who would put America First."

The new party constitution also declares the purpose of the party. The primary purpose of the party is the nomination and election of candidates to office at all levels of government. Other purposes include the promotion of the Mission Statement, Principles, and Platform of the party, assisting the Affiliated State Parties and their candidates, and a commitment to require the highest ethical standards of all party officers and public officials.

During the afternoon session, the AFNC completed adoption of the Rules Committee report, credentialed the delegates to the Founding National Convention, and heard the reports of other committees and interim officers, before turning its attention to electing officers and committee chairs. Dan Charles of Colorado was elected Chairman. O. Gene Lovell of Georgia was elected Vice Chair. John Pittman Hey of Mississippi was elected to continue as Secretary, and Maureen McHugh of Illinois was elected as Treasurer. The National Committee also elected the chairs of the standing committees.

Following the completion of the business on the agenda, and after disposing of all new business the members chose to bring, the first in-person meeting recessed four hours ahead of schedule. The early recess is a testament to the unity within the AFNC and the Party as a whole.

Mr. Charles continued: "Many folks who agree with us are either trapped in parties that betray their principles, have no political party, or have given up on the political process entirely. We seek to liberate them, to reactivate them, and to bring them together to restore our Constitutional Republic, so that it once more stands faithful to the wisdom of our Founding Fathers."

Dan Charles, National Chairman, 1-866-SOS-USA1, ext. 4
Romelle Winters, Press Secretary, 1-866-SOS-USA1, ext. 2


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