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America First Party
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Monday, January 12, 2004

Bush Immigration Plan Comforts Alien Invaders, Destroys American Jobs

Boulder, CO - The America First Party strongly opposes George Bush's planned changes in immigration law which reward illegal aliens who have already invaded our country and broken our laws. Bush's plan uses phrases like "worker permits" to cloak a disastrously broad amnesty to almost 10 million aliens who have skipped across our borders, taken jobs from Americans, and sucked dry the treasuries of half a dozen states.

National Chairman John Francis declared: "Bush's proposal borders on treason, because his plan subordinates the safety of our country and the economic security of our citizens to the political interests of his campaign for re-election. By writing off our laws, he hopes to pander to the Hispanic vote. In the process, he may very well destroy our country."

National Secretary John Hey observed: "Over two years have passed since 9-11, when illegal aliens killed 4000 Americans on our own soil, and Bush has still not closed the borders. Rather than face up to his failure to protect our borders from foreign invaders, Bush has now proposed we reward those millions of criminals who should have already been rounded up and expelled from the country."

Press Secretary Romelle Winters asked: "Why should we reward law-breakers and gives legal status to people whose background cannot be investigated? In addition to being extremely reckless policy, Bush's plan ignores the real damage done as tens of millions of immigrants pour into our land without any real effort at assimilation. How can we preserve the American values of limited constitutional government when we have no way to educate these illegal aliens about the theory and practice of American liberty?"

Chairman Emeritus Dan Charles commented: "Coming on the heels of NAFTA, which has already sucked millions of factory level jobs out of the country and left many Americans scrambling for jobs, Bush's plan to encourage an influx of illegal immigrants to scarf up all the entry level jobs will compound the hurt and the helplessness of millions of out-of-work Americans. The Bush plan will drive wages down by inflating the labor supply. This plan is cruel, it is outrageous, and it must be stopped."

Mr. Francis concluded: "California is already at the point of bankruptcy in large part due to the overwhelming costs imposed upon the taxpayers by the millions of illegals in that state. Under the Bush plan, we can expect California's financial disaster to spread to state after state. The Bush plan threatens to undermine the social and economic stability of our nation, as well as its security. America has been betrayed by George Bush, and he must be made to pay the price for that betrayal."

John Francis, National Chairman, 1-866-SOS-USA1, ext. 4
Romelle Winters, Press Secretary, 1-866-SOS-USA1, ext. 2


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