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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Bush Immigration Plan Sells US Out

Boulder, CO -- In response to this evening's State of the Union Address, National Party Chair Dan Charles issues the following statement:

"Tonight, President Bush continued to show that his immigration policies are out of step with common sense, national security, and the aspirations of the American people. His programs are no different than the failed policies of the past.

"In 1986 we granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. It did not stem the flow of the invasion. Indeed, it accelerated it. This happens every time the President opens his mouth on this issue. Calling an amnesty by a different name will not prevent more and more people from defying our laws and sneaking over our borders.

"The President says that his program encourages family values and claims that 'family values don't stop at the banks of the Rio Grande.' It is true that family values do not stop at our borders, but the right to be in this country does. If we can't protect our borders, we are no longer a sovereign nation. And today, the very safety of our citizens' families is at risk from groups sneaking into this country illegally.

"There are more than 15 million people who are breaking the law every minute of every day that they are in this country, just by being here. Another 3 to 4 million arrived in 2004 alone, and the Mexican government has published a comic book to advise those who would break into our country. We are also supposedly at war against an enemy who attacks by infiltration and stealth, with the goal to kill as many innocents as possible.

"It is time for the President and Congress to put America First! We need to find a solution to our immigration problem that is humane and consistent with the values that so many Americans fought for and died to maintain. The top priority of this country should be national and personal security for American citizens and legal residents.

"A good first step would be to enforce our current immigration laws. We should increase the number of border patrol and, if need be, take our troops from duty patrolling the Iraqi border and put them on our border. We should never forget that advising people they have to follow the laws of this country is not inhumane. We should never reward people for breaking the law, whatever their country of origin.

"Illegal immigration burdens our hospitals, schools, jails, and taxpayers. It reduces the tax base and drives down wages for those who have followed the law and deserve to be here. It helps Al Queda and endangers our people. President Bush's dangerous plan should be rejected."

Dan Charles, National Chairman, 1-866-SOS-USA1, ext. 4
Romelle Winters, Press Secretary, 1-866-SOS-USA1, ext. 2


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