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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

GOP Spending Orgy: Immoral Breach of Trust

Boulder, CO -- In response to this evening's State of the Union Address, National Party Chair Dan Charles issues the following statement:

"Republicans have always boasted of being the party of fiscal responsibility, low taxes and smaller government. Tonight, the American people had an opportunity to see that those claims are nothing more than empty rhetoric. When it comes to fiscal responsibility, President Bush and his party are, to use a Texas aphorism, all hat and no cattle.

"The President spoke of the importance of 'economic security' and building 'an ownership society'. He spoke of cutting the rate of spending growth, and eliminating programs. But for every program he eliminated, the President offered new spending and new programs. It will be impossible to sustain these goals unless he plans to mortgage our future. It is clear he does.

"Due to the President's borrow-and-spend policies and the trade policies championed by both Democrats and Republicans, more than 10% of our GDP is sent overseas each year--either as an I.O.U. or hard currency.

"It is clear to anyone who saw the speech, that the President has forgotten President Reagan's sage wisdom: Government is not the solution, Government is the problem. The proposals outlined tonight are nothing more than a plan to increase spending well beyond the capabilities of American taxpayers. This orgy of unconstitutional spending is promoted and financed as though the citizens and taxpayers of this country have unlimited funds.

"The problem is not that we are taxed too little, it is that government spends too much and cannot prioritize. The GOP has controlled Congress for much of the past ten years and President Bush is starting his second term. In that time, not one program has been shut down or cut. Instead we have had unprecedented spending. Republicans often accused the Democrats of buying votes with taxpayer money. It is now clear that the GOP is no better.

"If President Clinton could veto legislation because it spent too little, is it too much to ask for President Bush to veto a bill for spending too much? Or is he too much of a wimp?

"Bureaucratic boondoggles are found throughout the unconstitutional departments in Washington, DC. The growing mess is corrupt and incompetent. Oversight of these ever-burgeoning departments is impossible, and the taxpayers' hard-earned money is poured down government rat holes.

"In this past election, many conservative voters held their noses and voted to reelect the President. The voters claimed they were voting for the lesser of two evils. But a vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil. Our children and grandchildren will be saddled with the fiscal mess caused by this immoral breach of trust, this GOP spending orgy."

Dan Charles, National Chairman, 1-866-SOS-USA1, ext. 4
Romelle Winters, Press Secretary, 1-866-SOS-USA1, ext. 2


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