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Friday, January 27, 2006

Abortion Mills' Alito Fears Unfounded

Boulder, CO -- The America First Party urges Pro-Life senators to reject the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to a lifetime appointment on the US Supreme Court. In reviewing Judge Alito's record and testimony, clearly he will not be a reliable voice for the protection of innocent human life.

National Chairman Dan Charles said, "The abortion industry and its supporters have nothing to fear from a Justice Samuel Alito. In the coming years, millions of girls will be dismembered at their hands, and so too will millions of boys."

Mr. Charles continued, "Predicting a Supreme Court nominee's future decisions is a fool's errand. However, the abortion industry's unfounded concerns seem based on three factors. First, there is a job application essay tailored to get a job with a rhetorically Pro- Life administration. Second, there is a memo written to please that same boss. Finally, there is the simple fact that he was nominated by a Republican--ignoring the fact that 3 of the 5 remaining votes to uphold the slaughter of defenseless children are already held by Republican appointees."

National Secretary John Pittman Hey opined, "Judge Alito's mother stated that her son is Pro-Life. That may be true, but nothing in his record on the 3rd Circuit suggests that he would rule in a manner consistent with those private beliefs. In three of the four abortion related cases before him, he voted decisively for the continued existence and expansion of so-called abortion rights--including the right to crush the skulls of babies during birth. Nothing in his written opinions hints at the laying of an intellectual foundation to overturn Roe -v- Wade. Nothing in his written opinions suggests the slightest care for the right of society's most innocent and vulnerable to live."

National Press Secretary Romelle Winters added, "The purely partisan support or opposition by Republicans or Democrats demeans an important constitutional process. Senators owe it to their constituents to take this duty more seriously than they do. In 1997, Judge Alito wrote from the bench that the Constitution affords no protection to the unborn. We expect him to become Justice Alito, and millions of innocent human beings will die."

The America First Party was founded in April 2002 and is focused on electing principled citizen statesmen who will preserve and protect our people and our sovereignty, promote economic growth and independence, encourage the traditional values of faith, family, and responsibility, ensure equality before the law in protecting those rights granted by the Creator, and clean up our corrupted political system. In 2004, the AFP elected two-thirds of its candidates to public office.

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