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America First Party
1630 A 30th Street #111
Boulder, Colorado 80301

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Reform Tax Policy Now

Boulder, CO -- The America First Party believes the American people deserve a tax system that is fair and does not attempt to control them. The Party seeks the elimination of the income and property taxes, the dissolution of the IRS, and a return to the tax system envisioned by our Nation's founders.

National Chairman Dan Charles stated: "For years the Republican Party promised that once in power, they would fundamentally reform the way Americans were taxed. They have controlled Congress since 1994. They have held the Presidency since 2000. Yet nothing has changed. Their temporary and miniscule tax cuts to date have merely fiddled about the edges. The GOP continues the enslavement of the American people to the Federal Leviathan."

National Press Secretary Romelle Winters added, "President Bush and the GOP Congressional Leadership established a 'Blue Ribbon' panel on tax reform and simplification. Its report, like the current bloated tax code, was complex, conflicting, convoluted, and bewildering. Republicans lay taxes just like Democrats--to advance their own form of social engineering. Our government spends too much and burdens our people and their children with the bill. The American people should decide their own tax rate, not career politicians who trade tax loopholes and spending pork for campaign contributions."

Mr. Charles continued, "It is time to rip the income tax and the IRS up by the roots and toss them on the bonfire of history. It is no one's business how much you earn, least of all the government's. It is no one's business how you spend your money, least of all the government's. By returning to a tax system based on tariffs, excise and sales taxes, and user fees, the American people would be able to decide how much they are taxed by their spending habits."

Mr. Charles concluded, "Some claim that the GOP is better on this issue than Democrats. But that is like saying the slave master who beats you nearly to death three days a week is better than the slave master who beats you five days a week. It may be true, but we deserve better."

In 2002, the America First Party endorsed the FairTax, which eliminates all income taxes and puts in their place a revenue neutral uniform national retail sales tax, as a good first step toward fiscal and moral responsibility. To learn more about the Party's position on taxes, follow this link to the tax plank of our platform.

The America First Party was founded in April 2002 and is focused on electing principled citizen statesmen who will preserve and protect our people and our sovereignty, promote economic growth and independence, encourage the traditional values of faith, family, and responsibility, ensure equality before the law in protecting those rights granted by the Creator, and clean up our corrupted political system. In 2004, the AFP elected two-thirds of its candidates to public office.

Dan Charles, National Chairman, 1-866-SOS-USA1, ext. 4
Romelle Winters, Press Secretary, 1-866-SOS-USA1, ext. 2


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