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Monday, November 20, 2006

Bush Re-nominates Constitution Opponent to the Federal Bench

Boulder, CO - The America First Party deplores President Bush's decision to re-nominate Peter D. Keisler for the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. With our rights under attack these days, Keisler's history of supporting illegal Federal power grabs makes him unsuitable to sit as Judge.

Keisler has led the charge in shielding the government from judicial scrutiny for its misdeeds. He has argued repeatedly that lawsuits brought by victims of government kidnapping, torture, illegal wire-tapping, and unlawful detention should be dismissed due to a so-called "state secrets privilege," leaving those victims no available option to stop the illegal government action or obtain compensation for their outrageous mistreatment by government officials.

Keisler's support for the so-called "Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act" ("FACE") further demonstrates his contempt for the Constitution. At President Clinton's insistence, Congress federalized protests outside abortion clinics, subjecting pro-life protestors to draconian federal prison sentences and huge monetary fines. Conservative constitutional scholars, including several Supreme Court justices, agree that FACE exceeds the police powers of the Federal Government under the Commerce Clause, and violates First Amendment free speech protection by improperly targeting pro-lifers because of the content of their protest.

AFP National Secretary John Pittman Hey commented: "At the time, Conservative and Republican denunciations of FACE were vigorous. But when a federal court finally declared FACE unconstitutional, the Bush Justice Department flew Peter Keisler to New Orleans to argue before the Fifth Circuit for its reinstatement. Unfortunately, Keisler's strong advocacy against the Constitution won the day, and the disreputable FACE is now back on the books."

AFP National Chairman Jon Hill stated: "Keisler joins the majority of our elected leaders in advancing a position that usurps the role of the states in criminal law enforcement and which could eventually result in a federal police force. This trend must be stopped."

Peter Keisler has shown himself a consistent opponent of the Constitution. Worse than that, he has been successful is tearing down the principles of limited government and individual liberty. That is why his nomination as Federal Judge must be rejected.

Jonathan Hill, National Chairman, 1-866-SOS-USA1, ext. 4
John Schweingrouber, Press Secretary, 1-866-SOS-USA1, ext. 2


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