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Monday, November 12, 2007

Robertson's Nod to Giuliani Reveals Poverty of "Christian Conservative" Leadership

Boulder, CO -- The recent endorsements of Rudy Giuliani and John McCain by Pat Robertson and Senator Sam Brownback, respectively, illustrate the true character and inconsistency which animates much of the so-called "Christian conservative" movement. Robertson and Brownback are respected by religiously-motivated voters, and influenced in their political decisions by leaders like them. How, therefore, can both so easily endorse candidates whose recent support of abortion is well known, when a pro-life candidate of long-proven integrity like Ron Paul is one of the options?

Past history may help us evaluate this phenomenon. In his October 24th, 1999 appearance on "Face the Nation" with former Perot running mate and Pat Buchanan ally Pat Choate, Robertson defended his support for Bush and opposition to the Buchanan Reform Party candidacy. At the time, polling showed Buchanan, a pro-life and conservative values candidate, with 9% of the potential vote. George Bush, whom he called "worthy of support," had appointed 3 pro-abortion State Supreme Court justices as Governor of Texas. Robertson explained why his Christian Coalition was unlikely to support Buchanan. He appeared to be concerned that Buchanan had entered a party with a "Libertarianist point of view," and later pushed the issue to the brink of plausibility by suggesting that Buchanan appeared to be "forsaking" conservative social positions by joining the Reform Party, a point hotly rebutted by Pat Choate. In reality, there was no basis for this claim.

Fast forward to 2007. Robertson taps Giuliani, a well-known pro-abortion candidate, a supporter of same-sex civil unions, and a supporter of Hate Crimes legislation. What gives? Even John McCain is stunned. The endorsement confuses conservative voters, but more importantly, it continues the damaging inconsistency of the "Christian conservative" leadership -- a major obstacle to regenerating a truly conservative political movement.

AFP National Chairman Jon Hill stated, "Conservative voters need to take a hard look at the damage that has been done by the continual sacrifice of the most basic principles of constitutional government, logic and religion. Let's take a critical look at where 'Christian conservative' leaders are taking us. It is most urgent that voters turn away from the injurious strategies of Pat Robertson and Sam Brownback, and finally build a party dedicated to defending the principles necessary to the public interest."

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