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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Best Presidential Candidates -- Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin

Boulder, CO - The America First National Committee recently voted to encourage voters to vote for either Bob Barr, of the Libertarian Party, or Chuck Baldwin, of the Constitution Party, while not expressing favoritism of one over the other. Barr is on the ballot in 45 states, while Baldwin is on in 37 states. The National Committee stated that both candidates have "achieved ballot access in enough states to have a theoretical possibility of winning the presidential election" and that both "hold positions similar but not identical to those of the America First Party."

Both candidates are opposed to the Iraq war, policing the world by means of interventionist foreign policies, abortion, illegal immigration, a bloated and high-spending federal government, high taxation, participation in the WTO and NAFTA; both support protecting U.S. sovereignty, ending our membership or reducing our participation in the United Nations, state's rights, ending federal involvement in education, home schooling rights, private property, and individual gun rights. On the issue of same-sex "marriage," both oppose a federal marriage amendment, preferring to leave the issue to the states; this is a slight deviation from our party platform, which supports an amendment.

The National Committee's resolution states that "both Democrat and Republican presidential nominees are greatly at odds with the America First Party's principles in areas of foreign policy, trade, immigration, and fiscal spending." It urges voters to "not waste their vote by voting for Democrat and Republican presidential candidates who are poised to violate the basic requirements of the oath of office, and who will, if they pursue their stated policy objectives, continue the process of overturning our constitutional government."

The National Committee offers its position statement as "guidance" to voters participating in the general presidential election. According to the statement, "the America First Party is not running a presidential candidate in 2008 because this would be a poor use of resources for our developing party."

"The key to restoring sound government is to elect competent and decent candidates," stated National Chairman Jonathan Hill. "Logically, only persons who respect and understand their solemn duties, such as the oath of office, are in this category."

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