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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama's Perjury, Grand Larceny Exposed

Boulder, CO - It didn't take even a month for President Barack Obama to reveal his utter contempt for the Constitution, his oath of office, and the taxpayers' money. Tuesday afternoon, the President signed what may be the largest illegal spending bill in the history of the United States. The so-called "Stimulus Package" promises to squander $787 Billion in taxpayer money, almost every dime of which is unlawful under the provisions of Art. 1, Sec. 8 of the United States Constitution, which is supposed to be the supreme law of the land.

National Secretary John Pittman Hey commented: "There is no lawful authority for the government to take our money and spend it on the plethora of public works, transfer payments, subsidies, etc., which this bill is stuffed full of. It might as well have been titled the 'Future Generations Robbery Act,' since our children and grandchildren will be paying the interest, not to mention the value stripped from our dollars that deficit spending always results in."

To their credit, almost all Republican congressmen voted against the illegal bill, but they have for the most part missed the point. "It's not that the bill is just one huge waste of money - it is," continued Mr. Hey, "but worse than that, it sets a new high-water mark - perhaps we should call it a new flood level - of impudent, illegal, scoff-law taking and spending by the folks in Washington. Congress and the President have committed perjury against their oath of office, and grand larceny of almost $800 billion of the citizens' money."

"George Bush and his Republican bandits were bad enough - quadrupling the deficit, and spending wads of cash on illegal wars, bank bailouts, and slush funds for their fat-cat business friends. But Obama and the Democrats saw them and raised them. To say they spend like drunken sailors is to unfairly demean the sailors; at least sailors spend their own money!"

Most incredibly, Obama's rush to breach his oath of office - to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution - follows hard after the ridiculous pantomime he and the Chief Justice went through after they flubbed the lines on the Capitol steps. "What's the point in getting the words of the oath right if you have no intention to keep it?" asked Mr. Hey. "But at least he's keeping his campaign promises - he promised he'd defy the Constitution in almost every idea he articulated during the campaign. It seems he's more concerned with keeping faith with his supporters than with the God whose name he invoked in that botched, already broken twice-sworn oath he took. Today in America, we have bipartisan criminality: both Obama and Bush, Republicans and Democrats, agree that the Constitution is just a piece of paper that need not be obeyed anymore."

Jonathan Hill, National Chairman, 1-866-SOS-USA1, ext. 4
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