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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rallies, Increasing Activism Good, but Not Enough

Boulder, CO - Americans are increasingly showing their disgust over excessive federal spending and taxation, out-of-control immigration, and the failure of Washington leaders to respect constitutional limits, and are taking to the streets to make their voices heard. Recent Washington rallies brought large numbers, with estimates of crowd size for the September 12th rally ranging from tens of thousands to 300,000 to 1 million.

As personal finances become more strained, taxpayers are becoming increasingly intolerant of government actions which are likely to increase the average person's financial burden in the long-term. It is the sense of many that sustained deficit spending can only lead to future inflation, while many also believe that federal involvement with health care will likely lead to rationing and/or an acceleration of rising healthcare costs.

Many thanks are owed to those who are willing to take time to attend rallies and participate in town hall meetings. Nevertheless, this can only be a preliminary step in the direction of the substantial reform that our nation desperately needs to get back on track. Rallies are a good way to link up with people who have similar beliefs, and they can send a powerful message to the corrupt Washington establishment. However, it is a big step from attending a rally, with all the camaraderie and exhilaration that sometimes goes with it, to rolling up one's sleeves over the long term to do the work needed to organize a long-term response to our nation's crises.

To affect a change in the present disastrous course of our nation, we must cultivate quality candidates who respect the basic requirements of the oath of office, and then build the organizational support structures to get them elected. Given the many failed attempts to reform the major parties, this goal is likely best served by building a third party. While the practical means exist to build a vibrant, robust third party, up to now, few have been interested in doing the work involved. Many talk impressively, but few take the next step.

"In the final analysis, a people can not be helped that will not help themselves, and for some reason, the American people appear unwilling to help themselves," stated AFP National Chairman Jon Hill. "Many want the benefits of a functioning and prosperous society, but without making the sacrifices to maintain or support it. Unless attitudes change, our republic, with all its protections for individual rights and liberties, will be lost."

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