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Resolution on Rescinding the War Powers Act of 1973 and on Restraining the Executive

(Adopted by unanimous vote of the National Committee on March 20, 2007)

Whereas, the United States has seriously damaged its national prestige and international credibility with the present illegal war in Iraq; and,

Whereas, over 3,000 American servicemen have lost their lives, and over 20,000 American soldiers have been injured in combat, about half seriously; and,

Whereas about 40,000 to 250,000 Iraqis have died from both the direct and indirect consequences of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq; and,

Whereas, countless individuals have been needlessly traumatized and dislocated from the present conflict; and,

Whereas, there are worrisome indicators that the Bush Administration is poised to repeat its foreign policy errors and risk a regional Middle East war by initiating armed conflict with Iran, based on intelligence and material evidence of doubtful value; and,

Whereas, all signatory nations have an "inalienable right" under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to develop and research nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, and the International Atomic Energy Commission has no proof that Iran is developing nuclear weapons; and,

Whereas, the unconstitutional War Powers Act of 1973 is an unlawful delegation of congressional decision-making authority to the Executive branch which allows presidents to initiate war with nations for 60 days without congressional approval; and,

Whereas, the congress has a duty to quickly and decisively reassert its sole constitutional authority to make decisions regarding the initiation of war, before another disaster occurs in the Middle East that has human and economic consequences of greater magnitude than the present tragedy in Iraq;

Therefore, be it resolved by the America First National Committee:

That, Congress be called on to immediately rescind the War Powers Act of 1973; and,

That, Congress be exhorted to immediately reassert its Constitutional authority under Article I Section 8 in matters of initiating warfare, and to signal the administration of this by binding resolution calling for it to cease-and-desist from any current operational plans for additional hostilities with other nations.


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