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Resolution on Electoral Strategy

(Adopted by majority vote of the National Committee on July 17, 2006)

Whereas, The America First Party recognizes the need for expeditious action to solve the many grave problems which affect our nation; and,

Whereas, The America First National Committee understands that generating expeditious action requires a timely, intense, and efficient focus of energy, talent and resources; and,

Whereas, many similar political organizations have failed or are failing in their missions due to misdirection of precious resources to activities where there is little likelihood of success; and,

Whereas successful presidential campaigns require tens of millions of dollars in funds, and large numbers of workers to secure ballot access; and,

Whereas, successful challengers for congressional seats typically spend about $1 million; and,

Whereas, during the 2003 and 2004 electoral seasons, the average cost of a state representative campaign was more than $50,000, with winning candidates spending an average of more than $90,000; and,

Whereas, during this same time period, the average cost of state legislative races in about 25% of the states was about $15,000 or less; and,

Whereas, a recent study of one state's State Representatives showed that over 60 percent of them held local elected offices before being elected to the state assembly, and that more than 75% were involved in local affairs before acquiring their state house seat,

Therefore, be it resolved by the America First National Committee:

That, although it is the right of state parties to establish their own strategies, it is nevertheless the sense of the National Committee that the the goals of the Party would be best served by focusing on running candidates for county and municipal races; and,

That, it is the sense of the Members that the quest for local offices should be considered an intermediate goal, and that higher offices should be the ultimate goal; and,

That, it is the sense of the Members that there should be an openness to campaigns for state representative or higher office, when the circumstances relating to the candidate's name recognition and/or funding prospects favor a successful outcome.


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