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Resolution in Support of Border Security, Opposing Amnesty

Whereas our national security and the safety of our citizens and legal residents of this great nation is in part dependent on security of our border and ports of entry; and,

Whereas those who illegally enter our nation by crossing our border by force, stealth, or subterfuge, or by violating the terms of their entry visa are rightly called "illegal aliens", not "undocumented workers"; and,

Whereas illegal aliens visit the burdens of crime, disease, exploding deficits, multilingualism, downward pressure on wages, and other injustices upon both citizens and legal immigrants alike; and,

Whereas the so-called "law abiding undocumented worker" does not exist, as every single one of them are breaking our Nation's laws every minute of every day that they remain and work within the borders of the United States of America; and,

Whereas the House of Representatives has recently passed H.R. 4437, the "Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act", and has presented it to the Senate for its consideration; and,

Whereas if this bill is enacted into law and enforced, many of the tools, resources, and regulations needed to secure our nations border will be provided to the government agencies responsible for that goal; and,

Whereas in 1986 our nation granted amnesty to 6 million illegal aliens, which served only to attract nearly 20 million more illegal aliens; and,

Whereas any law which forgives past or ongoing crimes by definition gives amnesty for those crimes; and,

Whereas President Bush and certain Congressional leaders are attempting to add a so-called "guest or temporary worker" program to the Senate version of this important legislation;

Now be it Resolved by the America First National Committee:

That we condemn the attempts being made by illegal immigrant activist groups, cultural terrorist groups, and lobbyist, ambassadors, and foreign leaders who seek to derail this important legislation; and,

That we applaud the House of Representatives for passing H.R. 4437; and,

That we call upon the Senate to improve this bill by taking whatever legal steps are possible to end birthright citizenship for the children of illegal aliens; and,

That we call upon the Senate to improve this bill by requiring employer compliance with the 1986 Immigration Reform Act within 1 year, instead of the 6 years provided in the version adopted by the House of Representatives, as employers have already had 20 years to ensure that no employee is illegally working in our nation; and,

That we call upon the Senate to reject any changes to this bill that would harm the ability of our Border Patrol, I.C.E., National Guard, military, local law enforcement, or any other government agency from enforcing our immigration laws and protecting our nation, or would criminalize otherwise legal citizen border patrol assistance efforts; and,

That we call upon the Senate to reject all attempts to add amnesty for illegal aliens to this important legislation.

(Adopted by the America First National Committee on February 21, 2006)


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