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Rules for Reflectors

(As Adopted by the National Committee
on February 3, 2004;
as amended on May 4, 2004)

  1. Discussion Reflectors or Outbound Only e-Mail Lists may be created by resolution of the National Committee. Such authorizing resolution shall state the purpose, membership qualifications, and any rules specific to the operation of that reflector.
  2. Each Discussion Reflector will have a Moderator elected by the National Committee or as designated by the authorizing resolution.
  3. The membership of Outbound Only e-Mail Lists will be managed by the National Secretary as provided in the authorizing resolution.
  4. An elected Moderator may be removed by majority vote of the National Committee.
  5. Between meetings of the National Committee, the Operating Committee may by unanimous consent appoint moderators to fill vacancies, but such appointments shall last only until the next meeting of the National Committee.
  6. No person shall be permitted to serve as Moderator of more than three Discussion Reflectors.
  7. The National Secretary shall be responsible for membership management, in accordance with the direction of the National Committee and the Moderator of a given reflector. The Moderator shall be responsible for enforcement of these rules and ensuring that the National Secretary has a full and complete list of the members of the reflector.
  8. Use of the reflectors is encouraged for the following purposes:
    1. Positive news about the America First Party.
    2. Constructive ideas for building the party and promoting its platform.
    3. Information about how the Republican and Democrat establishment are destroying America.
    4. Announcements of general interest to America Firsters.
    5. Success stories from state party organizations and candidates.
    6. Reports of America First Party member grassroots activism.
    7. Discussion and debate on the merits of ideas.

  9. The following activities are not permitted:
    1. Posting false information about anybody, but especially other America Firsters.
    2. Sniping and clever retorts whose purpose is to hurt feelings and "get goats".
    3. Personal attacks or name calling or attacks based on race, religion, or gender.
    4. Discussions that are not relevant to the America First Party or the purpose of the reflector.
    5. Conduct that is disruptive to the purpose of the reflector.
    6. Addressing messages to more than one reflector at a time or to others or the forwarding of messages from any reflector, unless the authorizing resolution for that reflector expressly permits forwarding.
    7. Failure of a poster to identify him or her self in any post, by including their full name and state.
    8. Posting attachments of types not approved by the Operating Committee.

  10. Misuse of the reflectors by any member of any affiliated state party shall carry the following ever increasing penalties:
    1. The Moderator will issue a public warning to the user.
    2. The Moderator will issue a second public warning to the user.
    3. Following a third public warning, all postings by the user will be reviewed by the Moderator for 2 weeks, and impermissible messages will be rejected. The moderator will provide the poster with a private explanation as to why his or her post was rejected. The moderator will retain original posts and all subsequent correspondence with the poster for possible later review.
    4. Following a fourth Public Warning, the user will be removed from the reflector for 1 month.
    5. Following a fifth warning, the user will be permanently removed.

  11. Persons who are not members of an Affiliated State Party are members of the reflector at the pleasure of the Moderator and the America First National Committee and may be removed from the reflector without warning or cause.
  12. Each reflector shall be configured so that:
    1. Only members of the reflector with posting privileges may post to the reflector.
    2. There can be at most one addressee.
    3. Archives shall require a password for access.

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